Professional & Simple Help desk.

Ticaga is made for teams; to provide you everything you'll need for a seamless customer experience!*

* With no hidden fees & only the licensing files are encoded.


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Support Help Desk

Ticaga's aim is to make life easier for you and your customers.

We're focusing on making the customer and your staff's experience the best.

Social Media

Most of your customers use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ticaga will bring all these customer's questions to your inbox. SoonTM

Live chat

Live chat is an important way customers can interact with you.

Ticaga brings in the ability to do this included with your plan. SoonTM

Ticaga, the future of help desks

Advanced for beginners

We've built Ticaga to be easy to do most of the tasks you need without the confusion. This saves time training employees.

No more non "Emergency" tickets

Fed up with customers selecting "Emergency" just to get your attention? So are we, so with Ticaga you're in control.
Limit the High and Emergency to departments.

Account Managers

Managing accounts can sometimes be a pain, however Ticaga makes it a breeze to create, manage and sort customers.

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